How to Fix Different types of Google Chrome Crash and Errors

Are you repeatedly facing Google chrome crash and errors issues? If you’re nodding, yes. Then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re reviewing different types of Google chrome crash and errors and how we can fix them.

Different types of Google Chrome Crash and Errors and how to fix them.

  1. Chrome Crash
  2. a) “Aw, Snap!”

Are you familiar with this error? This message appears when a webpage is crashed erratically. If this happens quite often then you can click on the Reload button. But it’s not the case with if you find this error on every page you visit. There are many other errors that you might face along with this one like spdy protocol error.

  1. b) “Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed”

This error, “Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed” seems when Google Chrome shuts down suddenly. If this ensues then you can re-launch Google Chrome. But if you find this tricky happening often then try any of the below solutions:

  1. i) Try to resume your browser.
  2. ii) Make a new user profile if you find the user profile is ruined.

iii) Check for incompatible software. Type chrome: //clashes in the address bar. If you see a text is emphasized for you on the page, then that software has produced Google Chrome to crash. Also, check for the optional movements to decide the conflict.

Fixes for Other Error and Crashes

If you are facing some other crashes or errors like “spdy protocol error” or “Plug-in is unresponsive” or some other errors you have come across then you can try any of the below solutions.

  • All you need is to restart your browser.
  • Remove and Reinstall Google chrome application.

  1. Enable the mechanically send usage plus crash reports. Enter chrome: //settings in the address bar. Once you open the Settings page, tap on the show advanced Settings. In the Privacy section, select the checkbox “mechanically send usage data and crash reports to Google”.

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