The Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer: The Best Choice for You!

It is pretty hard to find a person who doesn’t like eating that amazingly delightful and appetizing fried food. The fried food that we eat at home is tasty but since it has been prepared using the deep frying process it might be harmful to the health of our heart, which is the bad aspect of eating fried food. A lot of people would now be thinking of what they must do to get the amazing flavor and also shy away from the harmful effects of fried food. Many people would try to exercise every day and think of getting rid of those harmful effects, which isn’t a good choice.

Let me today tell you what the best option for the fried food enthusiasts is going to be. The best alternative to get those bad calories and fat of the fried food away from our body is using an air fryer, which is a fabulous kitchen appliance that fries all kinds of stuff making use of really less amount of oil or even no oil in a few cases.

Now, you would be thinking about which air fryer you must opt for so as to get the best results, durability, value for money, and effectiveness. Let me tell you that we have you covered since today we are going to tell you about the finest air fryer from the amazing Viva Collection range of air fryers from Philips that is the Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer.

Philips HD9220 Air Fryer: Features & Design

The design of the Viva Airfryer is surprisingly compact on the worktop; it’s tall and thin rather than wide like rotary health fryers. The top section is a heating element and fan, while the bottom section is a drawer that pulls out to reveal the cooking basket.

As a result, there’s no window for keeping an eye on cooking progress. The lowermost portion of its basket comprises of a metal net, thus the air moves out of it and strikes the foot of its drawer, which has been shaped to make the air flow.

Its functions are pretty easy to use. It comprises of a dial on the top which allows you to set the temperature whilst the timer dial on the top of its handle regulates cooking.

Ease of Use: Philips HD9220 Air Fryer

The overall design of the Philips Air Fryer is tempting – solid and sleek. Apart from that, the timer dial has been placed in a customary manner: it is an analog timer, however; the Viva Air Fryer turns off the minute the specified time gets over.


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